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Integrity issues Prevention in quality control inspection

Integrity Issues Prevention in Quality Control Inspection
During quality inspection, all quality control services providers who are professional should be very careful in preventing the issues of integrity by putting in place specific practices. This is according to inspection service that were provided since 2008. Strict policies are provided by AQI Service so that you may be protected and ensuring that your reports are transparent and accurate as much as possible.

High Integrity Behavior Which is Encouraged by Hiring Practices
Hiring the right people is the beginning of encouraging high integrity. To discourage the habit of receiving corrupt finances and accepting bribes outside, the inspectors must be financially stable by being well paid. This ensures that they are receiving what they deserve after the hard work they do. For this reason, AQI Service provide higher and competitive salary to our inspectors which is beyond the average market salary. The inspectors who are financial stable can more likely work independently and objectively
Screening of Integrity During the Process of interview
Our screening and hiring process to potential inspectors are a wonder to some importers. They ask how we do it. Questions the hiring managers often ask to assess integrity of the candidate include:
  • From the several rewards and gratuities you may receive from staff working at the factory, which one do you think would seem inappropriate?
  • Have you ever received a reward from someone else other than an employer for causing result on a certain job?
  • By accepting bribe, do you consider your job may be affected and how?
  • How the inspectors will respond, we are able to assess his experience and judgment on how he will handle challenging situations. By so doing we are assured that the inspectors are able to identify any attempts of corruption and thereby report them.
Code of Ethics Used to Address Integrity On Inspection Staff
In any company, employees must always be reminded the importance of company values by the set Code of Ethics. Likewise AQI Service has its own Code of Ethics which is more detailed. It includes what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in this field. One example is the prohibition of any activity that can affect the effectual judgment of the inspector. The activities include:
Any socialization outside of inspection area with factory staff and or vendor staff while having any leisure activities including and not limited to alcohol consumption, sight-seeing, karaoke and many others that are not job related.
  • Giving and accepting any form of bribe, kickbacks for all or part of contract payment.
  • Giving any confidential data to unauthorized person apart from factory staff and consultants who are directly related in providing to our clients quality services.
  • All personal business which includes but not limited to selling, buying and providing services for or on behalf of client, supplier or vendor
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The AQI Service Code of Ethics also specifies that if the factory in any way tries to bribe our inspector with cash or gifts of any kind, this should be reported to the management of AQI Service immediately and without fail.